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What is a Conversion Funnel and Why Do I Care?

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Logan Gattis Creative is now certified as a Conversion Funnel Optimization Specialist!!

conversion funnel party

While we were ready to bust out the champaign (and hire the minions to DJ our celebration party), we realized very quickly that not everyone understands why our certification is a big deal for YOUR business!

We all know that prospects will rarely come to your website, email, social media page, direct mail piece, flyer, poster, etc, and decide to purchase right then and there. (To be exact, 73% of leads are not ready to be sold to). As a matter of fact, the higher your price tag goes, the more accurate this statement is. Today’s consumers are highly research driven. They want lots of information and space to make educated decisions. They also want social proof and to test the waters before jumping in with both feet.

In a nutshell, don’t be the spammy used car salesman that won’t leave them alone. Be open, transparent, and then let them decide how to spend their money.

It’s your brand’s job to drive them through this journey – and it’s your job to maintain a 1:1 connection with your prospects throughout their relationship with you and your company.

A Conversion Funnel will not only maintain that 1:1 connection with your prospect but also allow you to automate a huge portion of it so you can retain your sanity as your business grows. YAY! We recommend a minion party to celebrate.

Note: Once you automate something you can’t just forget about it. If I were treated like some cookie-cutter-stamped thing instead of a person, I wouldn’t be giving you my business either. But how to do automation correctly is a topic for another blog post. 

What is a Conversion Funnel?

A Conversion Funnel is the path a prospect takes through your marketing (website, social media, email marketing, direct mail, etc) which ultimately results in a conversion.

Every business and every industry has some type of funnel even if you call it something else – marketing funnel, conversion funnel, sales funnel, sales pipeline, sales process, sales cycle, and so on.

Your Conversion Funnel introduces your prospect to a specific step in your sales process at a specific time to lead them towards conversion. You then use content marketing to increase that conversion rate – but that’s also a blog post for another time.

Basically, you’re in business if you acquire new prospects and leads, convert those leads into buyers, and get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (or both!) and THAT’S the purpose of a Conversion Funnel.

Now, you may have seen examples of Conversion Funnels before that look something like this.

traditional conversion funnel

You might be thinking, “I’ve got a sales pipeline (aka Conversion Funnel) so I’m good. I can stop reading now.” Well….

Your funnel may not be optimized (yet) even if you have one.


Why should you care about Conversion Funnel Optimization?

If your Conversion Funnel isn’t optimized, you’re losing a big chunk of sales. That’s a fact.

In an earlier paragraph, I mentioned that your Conversion Funnel introduces your prospect to a specific step in your sales process at a specific time to lead them towards conversion. In order for it to work properly (and by properly, I mean doubling or tripling your sales), it has to be the right step, in the right order, AND at the right moment.

It’s a little like finding your soul mate. Except, there’s not as much destiny involved.

You CAN architect the perfect Conversion Funnel that will double or even triple your sales at a 33% lower cost. Prospects are not cattle – they’re not designed to be wrangled or sorted. When people know that you care about and anticipate their needs, they’ll reward you with their wallets.

To architect your funnel, you need to know the right steps to take – and the right time to introduce them. You need to know how to place more emphasis on customer behaviors and then nurture and retain those customers at each step in the process.

That’s exactly what we, at Logan Gattis, have been asked to teach at the Ambitious Entrepreneur Virtual Summit next week. 

We’ll be concentrating on what the perfect Conversion Funnel looks like and how to create it. Even better, we’ll cover what to do with your Conversion Funnel once you have it in order to double or triple your sales. The icing on the cake? We’re one of 15 industry experts teaching you how to optimize your business. The cherry on top of the icing on the cake? IT’S ALL FREE!

Topics include: blogging, business basics, coaching, marketing, productivity, social media, videos, and much more!

If you’re interested in growing your business, you definitely don’t want to miss this session. If you have all the money you can stand right now, you’ll probably want to skip our Conversion Funnel session and go on vacation instead.

Register here before it’s too late!

And lastly, because it wouldn’t be a good minion celebration party without a little showing off, here’s our proof. Go ahead – click on it and see for yourself.

Now, join us in that bottle of champaign?

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