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What Every Designer Wants For Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, everybody is out and about trying to gets gifts for their loved ones. If your loved one happens to be a designer, if may seem like a daunting task to pick out the right gifts for him/her.

Lucky for you, as the lead designer at Logan Gattis, have some great suggestions that are both fun and useful.


Here’s what every designer wants for Christmas!

Intuos Pro SE

What every designer wants for Christmas: Intuos Tablet






Switch over from that mouse pad to the new tablet from Wacom.  The new drawing pad allows for 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition.  The Pro SE comes as a wireless option providing great options for the on the go designer or desk jockey.


Ollo Clip 4 in 1 lens

What every designer wants for Christmas: Ollo Clip Lens






The best camera is the camera you have with you and often that is simply your smartphone. With this lightweight attachment you can quickly add a fisheye, wide-angle, and two types of macro lenses to get the best photo possible.   Other options include telephoto lens and circular polarizers.


Pantone Formula Guide

What every designer wants for Christmas: Pantone Color Guide








Every designer’s best friend and possibly least favorite task. With over 1000 swatch colors matching is even easier wit these color guide sets. Seriously. These top the list for what every designer wants for Christmas – especially if they’re print designers.


Henge Dock

What every designer wants for Christmas: Henge Doc






This is a awesome dock that I personally recommend.  Great for clearing up clutter and maintain a minimal workspace. You will need a external mouse and keyboard since you’ll slide your MacBook pro into the vertical sleeve, but the dock does the rest with built in cables that run out to your external display setup and thunderbolt ready devices.


Sennheiser IE80

What every designer wants for Christmas: 5. Sennheiser IE80










Got a noisy office, café or boss? The IE 80’s are going to tune all of that out and replace it with high fidelity sound produce by neodymium magnets. These bad boys also come with the ability to tune the bass response to your personal tastes.


27” NEC Widescreen Monitor

What every designer wants for Christmas: Widescreen Monitor










Having a color accurate monitor is super crucially to any designer, photography or artist for color crucial work.  This 27 inch monitor uses IPS panel technology for amazing color fidelity and accuracy. Also included are a color calibration sensor and the SpectraViewII color software.  Get your designer this and watch them swoon!


Micron pen set

What every designer wants for Christmas: Micron Pen Set







The Micron pen is one of my personal favorite types of pens to use for hand drawn artwork. These pens come in a wide array of tips and styles allowing for varied line widths and brush strokes. I find that they always leave a clean, crisp mark with little to no bleeding into the paper.  The microns are also archival grade and will not fade. This is what your favorite designer wants for Christmas if they love hand drawn sketches.


Done For You Editorial Calendar Planning Session

What every designer wants for Christmas: Done For You Editorial Planning Session








This is big, guys. Here at Logan Gattis we do a quarterly Done For You Editorial Calendar Planning Session. This is invaluable for your designer. It helps me know months in advance what we’re going to be writing/talking about and on which platform so I have plenty of time to prepare shareable graphics. Have you ever decided last minute what to write about on your blog and then had to choose a stock photo that wasn’t really exactly what you wanted simply to get the post out in time? Or what about that Facebook post that would have been shared 96 more times if you had a nice infographic accompanying it? Don’t let this happen to you and your designer again. Make things easy on everyone and get more information one of these sessions.


Above the Fray power cable management

­­­­­­­What every designer wants for Christmas: power cable management










A compact leather and stretch holder for your power adaptor and cabling for any MacBook chargers that not only works but also looks great in variety of options. The compact profile saves space in your bag and prevents the unraveling of the cables.


Drawing Desk by Futura

What every designer wants for Christmas: futura table










Upgrade your work area with this wonderful drawing desk that provides a 38 by 24 inch workspace with enough drawers and storage built in to hold all of your tools with space to add more. The glass top can be used as a light table and is adjustable up to 35 degrees to make the most confortable-working angle. Plus, having the same name as one of your designer’s favorite typefaces is sure to bring a smile to their face this Christmas!


How did I do? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!


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