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Paul O'Brien

I rather liked the old one, it was one of those icons that stood the test of time and, frankly, now with 6 (or more?) they seem to be taking a lesson from the Yahoo playbook and uniquely branding each of their categories. The lesson should be that they should do so cautiously; helping people understand where they are is different from creating rather distinct brands…. now we have USA Today red, green, etc.

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Benjy —

Yup…pretty forgettable. Although it will suit all the arms of what they’re doing, and it’s “modern,” there’s absolutely nothing that identifies it with USA or Today or News. It looks like a sheet of Avery labels.

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I agree with Benjy, it is forgettable. It’s nice to have the color-coded sections, but it would have been great if they had at least used more of the globe concept in the new design and kept that element the same color throughout, changing just the color of “news”, “money”, etc.

I wonder how it would look if they had taken the original logo and just removed the dated lines through the globe, kind of like what AT&T did a while back.

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