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Target Market Mastery – How To Defeat Toxic Customer Profile Syndrome

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You’ve got a great product/service. People need it, you’re selling it. It’s a win-win.

So you set up your website and open your doors. The first day is slow but most of them are right? After the first week you decide you need to ramp up your marketing efforts. Your name just needs to be out there more. So you create an ad and you’re off to the races.

Around month 6, when you’ve had some sales but not anything that you were expecting, you begin to realize what’s happening. You feel a bit lost. You assume that your customers want what you want. You try to get inside their head by asking yourself what would you feel if you were them. What’s going on? That’s when it hits you.

You don’t need a doctor to diagnose you. You have toxic customer profile syndrome.

We’ve all been there from time to time. What’s important is to know how severe your case is.

Mild toxic customer profile syndrome: You’ve tried the D-I-Y marketing techniques and you feel like you pretty much have your customer down. He’s a 30-40 year old male with a medium level job living in Pennsylvania. He makes 70,000 a year and is single with no kids. Sounds good right? Well, while it’s important that you nailed the demographics, you missed the psychographics. Pyschographics are the values, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyles of your target clients.

WHY IS THIS BAD? Not all 30-40 year old males are created equal. Some are motivated by different things. One may be super adventurous and into kayaking and white water rafting on his weekends. Another may be really into making money because he grew up poor. These two 30-40 year old males will buy two very different things.
what to do: Dig deep into the psychographics of your client. Ask yourself: How does your ideal client describe themselves? (Adventurous, workaholic, conservative, etc). What are their 5 biggest fears? And what are their 5 strongest beliefs. This will give you a good basis of their psychographic profile so you can speak directly to them and have it resonate.

Medium toxic customer profile syndrome: In this case, you know you’re targeting male ages 30-40 who are single but that’s it. WHY THIS IS BAD! but need to know more.
what to do: Ask yourself: What is his job and education level. How much money does he make a year? What industry does he work in? Answering those questions will get you to a Mild toxic customer profile syndrome. At which point, you can ask the 3 questions above and come out of this without a scratch!

Severe toxic customer profile syndrome: you’re trying to be everything to every body. WHY THIS IS BAD? Let’s say you’re a pizza company. Everyone loves pizza right? So you’re thinking you’re targeting teenagers, college kids, adults, parents, in any industry, whether they’re single or not. While yes, this is true that any one of these people COULD be a customer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they WILL be a customer. Narrow it down to basic demographics. In our pizza example, we’d select male or female (both genders are ok!) who are too busy to make dinner. Either because they’re studying (school) or taking care of the kid’s homework (parents). What about their annual income? Or spending habits? Because no matter how much someone may like pizza, they may not be able to afford delivery.  need to narrow it to basic demographics, then more, then psychographics.
what to do:Ask yourself, what age is your target market? What gender? and where do they live? At this point, you can dig deeper into the demographics and psychographics by answering the questions above.

It happens to the best of us and can sometimes creep up without warning. What’s important is that you diagnose it and do what it takes to feel better.

Read this blog post twice and then call me in the morning.

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