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Social Media Marketing For Entrepreneurs: Does It Work?

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Social Media Marketing for entrepreneurs

I remember what it was like just starting out. You’re low on cash but you need advertising. Social Media seems like the best gig, right? It’s free advertising!

You get to writing and posting and you’re ready for the sales to come rollin’ in. Then reality sets in. You’re constantly feeling busy but your wallet doesn’t really have much to show for it and you’re starting to wonder if spending your time on Social Media is actually helping. You’re a Solopreneur and if it’s not helping your business…well, ain’t nobody got time for that!

But all the “Gurus” tell you that you need to be there so you are. Still, you can’t help but wonder. Does Social Media Marketing actually work for entrepreneurs?

Yes, Social Media Marketing DOES work for entrepreneurs. But you have to do it right.

The Wrong Way To Do Social Media Marketing For Entrepreneurs

More than a few entrepreneurs come into our offices asking for help with Social Media Marketing. We do our Social Media Assessment and more often than not, there’s some common mistakes being made.

  • They sell all the time. Or not enough.
  • They focus on getting likes/fans/followers with no real strategy.
  • They want to measure the ROI of Social Media Marketing in $$$.
  • They have no idea who they’re talking to or why.

Listen, if you take one thing away from this section, make it this. Make sure that you know who your target PERSON is. Not audience. Your single target person. If you don’t know how to do this, scroll to the bottom of this post and we’ll get your sorted.

The Right Way To Do Social Media For Entrepreneurs

There are a few things you can do as a Solopreneur that will ensure you’re making the most out of your Social Media Marketing efforts.

  • Make sure you have a decent ratio of selling posts to personality posts.
  • Have a strategy (simple is great!) with what you’re going to do with all of those likes/fans/followers you just got. How will you turn them into paying customers?
  • Know exactly what your goals are and make sure you know the limitations of Social Media.
  • Don’t expect Social Media to be the only tool you need.
  • For goodness sake, know the target person you’re talking to. Social Media is meant to be SOCIAL.

The big takeaway from this section is know your goals. Why are you DOING Social Media in the first place? Make sure that every action you’re taking on Social Media has those goals in mind.


I get it. Social Media Marketing can be daunting for an entrepreneur. Especially if you’re a Solopreneur doing it all on your own.

We’ve created a worksheet to help you work through 3 simple things that can immediately improve your Social Media Marketing efforts. (Hint: the very first one is working on your target person!) It’s free. No need to buy anything. Fill out the form below to get it sent immediately to your inbox.

Then, get to rockin’ your Social Media Marketing.

3 Simple Things That Will Improve Your Social Media

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James Leshikar —

Great article! I have definitely been tackling all these issues while attempting to launch my training company! Thanks you for all the incredible insight!

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Liliane —

Nice article I like it its so helpful and I am sure its going to help a lot of people when they read it

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Nice article, Lindsay.

You know I’ve always been a ‘simple’ kind of design person, so “Have a strategy (simple is great!) with what you’re going to do with all of those likes/fans/followers you just got.”, makes sense to me. Especially these days when so many of us are using social media for advertisement – you don’t want to get ‘lost’ in the sea of them..right?

I cannot currently call myself an entrepreneur; however, aren’t we all ‘solopreneurs’ in a way…?

Reply »
    Lindsay Gattis —

    Oh yes, we are! And definitely getting lost in the sea of social media is a bad thing for sales. And it’s such a hard thing to do these days because social media is inundated with entrepreneurs, advertisements, and people in general!

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Conor O'Brien

A great article Lindsay and the website is extremely professional. I will have to spend more time going through it, but I congratulate you on it. Great to see Paul O’Brien is involved also. A very good man to have onboard.

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