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Last Chance: “Naked Marketing” Live Free Training (TODAY)

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Just a quick reminder – today is your chance to get marketing and business training from the guy who built the Firepole Marketing empire in just a couple of years.

(For free!)

Danny Iny is the man behind Write Like Freddy, Engagement from Scratch!, the Naked Marketing Manifesto, and – through his courses and one-on-one consulting – the successes of hundreds of businesses and blogs.

And yes, his advice is usually pretty expensive, and his clients are happy to pay!

Well, TODAY, at 10am Eastern, Danny is hosting a one-time only free training event. Here’s a quick sampling of what he’s going to teach:

– How to ALIGN your offer with the people who need it the most (and are most eager to buy!)
– How to make your marketing irresistibly sexy to your audience (hint: the answer isn’t SEX)
– The secrets of audience engagement that the REAL experts use (but AREN’T TEACHING!)

And that’s just the beginning. Go here to register now for free:
This is a great opportunity, so don’t miss it!

Live. Breathe. Love. Create.

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