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January 2013 Moodboard

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I am absolutely obsessed with moodboards. Seriously, it’s borderline “a problem.”

I use them for client projects. I use them for personal use in various situations. And now I’ve decided to start creating monthly moodboards for you to enjoy.

These monthly moodboards include a couple of words or phrases that I’m personally inspired by for that month. I then collect images I’ve found via Pinterest or elsewhere inspired by these words or phrases and compile it into a collage that visually represents the month in question. I plan to use this board as inspiration in relevant design projects that arise.

Without further ado, here’s my January 2013 moodboard. The words/phrases I used were “cozy” and “fresh new life” – thanks to New Year’s resolutions.

Moodboard for January 2013


Breathe. Live. Love. Create.



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Hi Lindsay, looks like we have the same obsession 😉 That’s why we’ve build a new tool to manage mood boards in a collaborative and more efficient way: Musepeak (www.musepeak.com). Would you like to give it a try? We’d love to hear your expert feedback.

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Gia Rapasadi —

I love this expression of yours!

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