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How your business can deal with the end of the world (later this week).

Mayan Calendar

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Mayan Calendar

By now we’ve all heard about the possible impending doomsday scheduled for December 21st, 2012 (Friday).

There are those that think the world will go out in grand apocalyptic style. There are those that think this is Hollywood and Corporate America’s way of cashing in on yet another ridiculous theory. There are those that think this was all one big misunderstanding and the Ancient Mayans are having a laugh at our expense.

My favorite interpretation is that December 21st marks an era of new thought that incorporates a blending of beliefs from different cultures. For those of you that have subscribed to our newsletter, followed our blog for awhile, or have been previous clients of ours, you know that one thing we focus on at Logan Gattis Designs is cultural collaboration. It just so happens that December 21st, 2012 also marks our 4 year anniversary of the day Logan Gattis Designs officially opened it’s doors. Coincidence? I think not!

To share one expert opinion on the matter, take Gerardo Barrios who has spent the last 20 years traveling to villages in Central America and interviewing Maya Timekeepers. He states, “Different philosophies, different races, must begin to weave together all knowledge.” [You can find this quote here in the article “What Are The Living Maya Saying About 2012?”]

So what does this mean for you and your business? Well, I’ll bet you $1 Million Dollars that the world will still be here on December 22nd. Seriously, take me up on that. In the meantime, let’s see how your business can listen to the Maya and be ushered into a more global way of thinking.

5 ways your business can survive the apocalypse. 

1. Plan, plan, plan. 

According to the Mayans, this new cycle of life will be a time for recording and writing things down. Take note of this and create your own plan for 2013. How will your business expand into foreign markets this year? If you’re not ready to expand, what can you learn by looking at foreign companies in your industry? Do your research, rewrite your business plan if needed, and plan to take your company into the new global economy.

2. Protect yourself and your assets.

To be honest, this one didn’t come from the Mayans, but it is just good advice. If you’re expanding into additional markets this year, make sure you protect your assets. Hire an attorney. Hire an accountant. Do you research (see a planning theme here?) and make sure there are no negative surprises awaiting you after the expansion.

3. Jump on the global bandwagon.

This new phase, beginning December 22nd, is said to be founded on different values that honor the spirit of the interdependence of all life. I’d like to add to that “and all business economies” also. In recent current events, we have seen first hand how intertwined various countries’ economies are. Why fight it? Embrace it and jump on the global bandwagon before your business gets left behind.

4. Train someone to do what you do.

As much as you may love to think so, you cannot be every where at once. Your business will suffer if your attention is pulled in too many directions. It is absolutely essential then that you train someone to do what you do before expansion. They can either take over the expansion process in the new market or they can hold the fort down at home. It doesn’t matter. But it will definitely make your life so much easier and your business much more successful.

5. Be prepared.

As much as possible, try to foresee obstacles. Again with the planning theme. Know your stuff. Talk to business owners who have expanded into your chosen market before. Ask them what you should prepare for ahead of time. A little Google research can also go a long way on being prepared. You won’t touch on everything so don’t expect miracles. But you will be able to anticipate some challenges that will then easily roll off your back.

I’m 100% certain the world won’t end this Friday. On the plus side, if I’m wrong no one will know. Also, if I’m wrong, it really won’t matter what you do with your business. But play along and assume I’m right and December 22nd comes without any major event. Won’t you be glad that you put some time into planning how you can work with the emerging global economy? Your revenue will thank you for it.

Breathe. Live. Love. Create.


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CarolGPaperCrafts —

Lindsay, these are great tips for every business. I particularly like your point that “you cannot be everywhere at once.” We all need to periodically remind ourselves that we are not indispensable for every task!
And by all means, let us know if anyone takes you up on your bet!

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Tania Belkin —


I absolutely agree with you. You better jump on the global bandwagon, you could
fight but you aren’t winning:)

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