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Honor Your Best Clients: 10 Easy Ways to Wow Them!

honor your best clients by saying thanks

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What is a client worth? I’m not talking about client acquisition costs or client lifetime value numbers. In plain, simple English, what is a client worth to your business? Everything, right?

Without clients, we wouldn’t be in business. Without happy clients, we wouldn’t have word-of-mouth referrals. All too often, businesses let current clients – people that have already demonstrated that they want what you have to offer! – slip through their fingers.

How many times have you looked at your quarterly revenue numbers (you are doing this, right?) and thought to yourself, “Last quarter was so great! Why is this quarter slower? What am I doing wrong?”
If this sounds like you, you’ve missed something VERY important about your clients.

Your clients like to feel appreciated, just like you do.

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Think back to the last time a company thanked you for your business. Makes you feel pretty special, right? I received a card in the mail last week from Time Warner Cable. It was a thank you card and it simply said, “we appreciate your business.” Inside the card was a coupon for two free pay-per-view movies. WOW! I know it seems like it’s no big deal, and really all it cost TWC was the cost of postage. But it was definitely the thought that counted with me. And as such, they likely have me as a customer at least for a bit longer.

Your clients have a choice in who they give their business to. If they have already selected you as a company they want to support, it is imperative that you thank them! Honor your best clients!

But how do you do that without sounding cheesy? And, if you’re a start-up, how do you do that without breaking the bank? The key is to get creative and most importantly, BE GENUINE.

That’s great, Lindsay but give me some ideas!

First of all, imagine that you are a client of a business just like yours. What would you want the company to think of regarding your patronage? Most of us would probably say something along the lines of “we appreciate your business” or “we realize you have many choices in who you _____ with. Thank you for selecting us.” And that’s a good start. But dig deeper. Get specific. In our case, we want to thank a particular client of ours, Affiliate Summit, for their continued business over three years. We also want to show appreciation for a client, SEO’Brien, that continuously refers us business. Get clear on what you’re thankful for and then you can get creative in how to honor your best clients.

Think of last night’s Academy Awards. What is the point? The point is to honor outstanding work done by individuals in various categories. Sounds an awful lot like a client appreciation program.

So what sort of ways can you honor your best clients?

  1. First and foremost, EARN their loyalty. Unless they are your mother, they probably aren’t just going to hand over their business unless it gives them some value in return.
  2. In honor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, do what we’re doing. Honor your best clients by giving them Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in three categories: volume, referrals, and years of loyalty.
  3. Surprise long-term clients with a special service or product free or at a reduced rate.
  4. Recognize your top clients on your website. Everyone loves their 15 minutes of fame, right?
  5. Mention them in your newsletter. Promote them!
  6. Show-off your customer’s success by creating a case study
  7. Send a card with a personal note of appreciation
  8. Honor your best clients with a customized award (Oscar, anyone?). Have fun and make it meaningful.
  9. Deliver breakfast to their office. Healthy or not, it’s up to you.
  10. Support a cause your client believes in and do so in their honor.

And here’s a bonus idea.

11. Give them a swag bag. Anything from candy and coupons to major swag. Maybe even a Starbuck’s gift card would be a nice idea.

Basically, your clients are just like you. They want to feel noticed. They want to feel appreciated. And most importantly, they want to feel like you value them for more than just their money. The better a business is at making their customers feel valued, the more business they create.


Today, brainstorm a list of 5 ideas where you could creatively honor your best clients. Share your answers in the comments.

Breathe. Live. Love. Create.


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