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Healthy You = Healthy Business

Having a healthy business starts with you.

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I’ve been consuming a lot of Chris Brogan’s stuff lately. Seriously. [Earn More Customers, Online Course Maker, OMFG (Owner’s Mastery Foundation Group),and just his blog in general.] He’s brilliant.

One of the things he’s been talking about lately in OMFG (by the way, best business course acronym goes to him, hands down) is the idea that as an owner you have to own everything about your life. Not just your business. Your health, your choices, your relationships, everything.

I got it. But I didn’t really get it.

But because I think very highly of Chris and his message, I decided to try it anyway. My boyfriend and I were chatting about how he was feeling the same way about his health, choices, etc and so really, how could we not DO something about it?!

We started simple. Meal planning for the next two weeks. Then we spent all day Saturday cooking all of said meals. [And froze them so they would still be good by the time we were ready to eat them.] Our biggest problem was the convenience of fast food when neither one of us wanting to cook in the evening. Makes sense to just have to reheat an already cooked healthy meal. In fact, it’s even more convenient because we just have to walk to the freezer instead of getting in the car, driving to whatever fast food joint, then driving back home!

Anyway, I digress.

At breakfast this morning (a watermelon and banana smoothie!)I finally got what Chris was saying. I mean, REALLY got it. (I even took the dogs on a long walk after breakfast too!)

I’m pretty bad about not doing things or putting things on hold because I feel guilty working on anything else but Logan Gattis. My health has been taken advantage of. My friendships are starting to suffer slightly. I’m in denial about my choices. It’s starting to become a downward spiral. I’m in a constant state of stress which is putting a strain on all areas of my life and, lo and behold, it’s also putting a strain on my business! The one thing I was fighting fiercely to protect!

In all honesty, it didn’t feel good. I have really been neglecting myself, my happiness, and my business.

This is a business blog, not a personal blog. How does this relate to a healthy business?

I hear you. So let’s turn this around to YOUR business. Are you just like me? Are you neglecting things because you feel guilty not spending time on your business? OR are you a workaholic that thinks your business can’t survive without you and so you’re “forgetting” about other important things?

We could all use a little wake up call. Think about what you’ve been neglecting and take some action to fix it! Tell us what you plan to do in the comments. If you’re the lucky bastard that has it all figured out — a great business, perfect health, great relationships, plenty of time to recharge, and who never ever feels stressed out — share the wealth! Tell us your top tip!

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