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Happy Birthday Google!

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Who doesn’t love birthday cake? Raise your hand. No one? Ok. I’ll continue.

With a doodle containing 14 candles and a chocolate cake on a base decorated with the brand’s colors, the largest and most important internet search engine in the world, Google, celebrates its 14th anniversary today. Happy birthday Google. We love you.

Google’s story started back in the dorms of Stanford university, where two PH.D students, Larry Page and Serge Brin, were working on the Stanford Digital Library Project, to “ develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library.” Page considered exploring the mathematical possibilities of the World Wide Web and understanding the link structure. This gave rise to the technology that then gave life to the most powerful web crawler today and the #1 website for internet searches. Sorry Bing. You might be a contender but you’re no Google.

The company formally incorporated on September 4th 1998, and then officially launched on September 27th which is why we celebrate alongside Google today. Back then, all they had was a server with eighty CPUs and two HP routers, but that was enough to become more popular than Altavista, which was the most popular search engine back then since 1995.

In the year 2000, Google presented AdWords to the world, its online advertising system and the already famous Google toolbar. AdWords has become the main source of income for Google, based on search engine marketing (SEM), where people pay (bid) a certain amount of money per click to try to appear in the #1 rank in the searches and to receive a number of impressions (times an ad is shown) for every advertisement the publish. This just cemented their popularity among internet wizards and business moguls.

For the laymen, Google has been doodling it’s way into our hearts since the year 2000 also. Google features their “doodles” at the top of the search engine to celebrate important occasions. In the beginning, the doodles celebrated mostly familiar holidays but nowadays they highlight a number of events and anniversaries worldwide. More than 1,000 doodles have been created by Google team for their different pages all around the world and you can see them all by going to the doodles museum.

Did you even know there is a Google doodles museum? I sure didn’t but lo and behold, here it is. Pretty damn cool.

What do you think of today’s doodle?


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