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Controlling Your Brand – What Your Competition Doesn’t Want You To Know About Successful Brand Management. (Shhh!)

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Controlling your brand and being successful at brand management isn’t as hard as people think. Yes, your customers impact your brand more than ever now that the marketing game has been forever changed by social media. BUT, you can still shape how your customers perceive you IF you know how to go about it.
And you can run past your competition in the process.
controlling your brand

7 things your competition doesn’t want you to know about controlling your brand:

Successful Brand Management Tip #1 – You must start thinking about how to provide an exceptional customer experience. This is the number one best way to control your brand in a social media world. Keep reading to find out the number one best tactic for how to do this!
Successful Brand Management Tip #2 –  Avoid pretending. Brands that try to influence the conversation by posing as customers play a dangerous game. You get found out almost immediately and it looks REALLY bad on your company.
Successful Brand Management Tip #3  Make sure your brand message is simple and concise. It has to make sense across many different platforms. If it’s longer than a Tweet (140 characters), it’s too long
Successful Brand Management Tip #4 – Know this: social media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web. Seriously. What this means for you is that it’s definitely time to start putting time and effort into making sure you have an effective social media strategy. If you weren’t already serious about social media, go ask Ron Jeremy what this tip means in terms of the importance of social media.
Successful Brand Management Tip #5 – Adopt new metrics and real-time customer feedback. You can’t measure the same things you used to. And you definitely can’t ignore issues and hope they go away in time. This is where social media is a real game-changer and brand management needs to change as a result.
Successful Brand Management Tip #6 Speaking of how to handle things if the conversation goes bad, you have to be clear and honest about your involvement, because if you aren’t you get found out quickly. Then what you need to do is be very clear about what your point of view is, what you’re going to do about it, and how you’re going to help. That has to be connected back to your vision of the company and your brand. Customers just want to be heard. Everyone makes mistakes and they know it. Own up to it and make it right.
Successful Brand Management Tip #7 – Authenticity is the number one best tactic to employ when building superior customer experience. If you’re authentic, you will build a loyal following which is worth it’s weight in gold nowadays.

Here’s what I have for you next:

If you follow these tips (and do it well!), you can fire your brand manager. Controlling your brand just takes some planning however, if you still need a bit more detail on successful brand management, here’s what I’ve got for you. You can get my weekly World Domination newsletter (showing you one action item a week to help you conquer your business world).
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