3 Things You MUST Know Before You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

make your dreams come true

Do you have a fairy godmother?

I didn’t think so. And sadly, while I wish I did, I don’t have one either.

January 13th happens to be “Make your dreams come true day.” And here at Logan Gattis, we think that every day should be about making your dreams come true because really, isn’t that what we’re all aiming for?

Ever believe so strongly in your dream that you just KNEW…

7 Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

marketing tactics for small businesses

You’re a smart cookie. No one is debating that. But for whatever reason, you don’t have all the clients or customers that you need. Not only that, but you’re frustrated. You’re a small business. You’ve bootstrapped your way up the ladder and simply put, you just don’t have the capital to spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. Not yet anyway.

You think to yourself, “no problem. I’v…

9 Useful Ways to Market Your Business on St. Patrick’s Day.

baileys st patricks day ad

You’ve heard it before. Make sure you take advantage of every current event and holiday for marketing purposes. So you try a couple of things here and there. Some have decent results, others flop. But you really can’t shake the feeling that you’re just being….well, fake. Hokey. Cheesy.

Let’s get honest for a minute. Is this what you think you have to look like on St. Patrick’s Day to get…

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