SXSW Worthy Events? 16 Design Elements to Consider

design needed for events

You have waited all year for this moment. It’s when all your hard work finally pays off. You are so excited you can literally see dollar signs in your eyes. There’s no way people could NOT think you’re the best company ever. 

The moment arrives and a few early birds show up. Not to worry, the rest are just fashionably late. Thirty minutes after the scheduled start time you realize, only half…

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post today mostly to say Happy Halloween. 
I wanted to showcase this Halloween ad by Guinness.

These guys can always be counted on to have pretty creative ads. In this particular ad, the color scheme is certainly on par with Autumn and particularly Halloween. The artwork is phenomenal, and yet it’s not the stereotypical Jack O’ Lanterns and ghosts and goblins. It reminds me of…

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