Your Company’s Brand and It’s Identity – Why the Two Are Different.

We often get asked what is the difference between a company’s brand and their identity. I mean, after all, we’re a branding agency, right? But the words “brand” and “branding” have become real diluted in the past few years. Why? Because you ask 3 different marketers or designers, you get 3 different answers. This can create a lot of confusion in the eyes of the consumer.

I’m her…

A Simple 6 Step Process to Performing a Brand Audit (And Why You Totally Should!)

You’re at your wits end.

Your business is….surviving. But it’s not thriving like it once was. Your competition, who you KNOW has an inferior product to you, is suddenly taking your customers. Not all of them, mind you. But a decent portion. There’s really no logical explanation in your mind.

When you think about all the time, money, and energy you’ve put into your business, t…

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