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Supporting our clients at Affiliate Summit!

Hi everyone!

Sorry we have been so silent lately. Two weekends ago (May 6th) I turned 30!! Along with turning 30 came a lot of “where am I heading?” emotions and so I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately.

BUT, I’m coming out of reflection mode to support one of our favorite clients. The good folks over at Affiliate Summit host the premier affiliate marketing conference mult…

FREE resources for graphic designers.

ZeroBundle has just been released and is available right now for immediate download. It’s only available for a short time, so don’t delay and go get it now. It’s completely free (hence the name ZERObundle).
The folks over at mightydeals.com and webdesignerdepot.com have  put together an awesome collection of tons of graphics, PSDs, UI elements, icons, textures, brushes and much more… all from…

With all the design template sites out there, why hire a designer?

searching for graphic designers

You’re stoked. You just started a brand new company and life is grand. Paperwork is filled out. It’s official. And you can’t wait to prove everyone that said you couldn’t do it wrong.

You’re a smart person. You know the next step is a logo. You also know that Google is approaching world domination, so you hop online to find your options. Logically, you begin with “where to get a logo” or…

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick post to welcome everyone to 2012. We’ve been sort of quiet the past few weeks as we’re winding down and then gearing up for the new year. We’ve got high hopes for Logan Gattis Designs this year including making the blog a bit more international. We will have experts weighing in from their corner of the world discussing controversial topics, design trends, etc. Considering…

New website design!

We have official unveiled the new look of Logan Gattis Designs. I personally could not be prouder of the people involved with this project. Juan and Kirk, you guys really helped a lot with this new site and without you it wouldn’t look this spectacular! Thanks a bunch!

I’m interested in hearing your feedback! Love it? Hate it? Neutral on the subject? I’m all ears 🙂

May the creative force b…

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post today mostly to say Happy Halloween. 
I wanted to showcase this Halloween ad by Guinness.

These guys can always be counted on to have pretty creative ads. In this particular ad, the color scheme is certainly on par with Autumn and particularly Halloween. The artwork is phenomenal, and yet it’s not the stereotypical Jack O’ Lanterns and ghosts and goblins. It reminds me of…

2011 Graphic Designer Survey!

I realize I have been posting about surveys quite a bit the last week or two but they really do help create accurate statistics for our industry. And since I can speak first hand as to the necessities of having accurate stats when doing market research, among other things, I feel a civic duty to pass along relevant surveys. 
It’s only a 3 minute short survey to collect data about graphic…

Are you a semi-local business? If so you need to see this…

Hi Everyone!
If you’re a semi-local business you definitely won’t want to miss this Semi-Local Business Survey. 

First, let’s describe what a semi-local business is. According to Firepole Marketing and Small Business, Big Vision authors Matthew and Adam Toren, a semi-local business has a couple of characteristics separating it from other businesses.

“Semi-local businesses are businesses…

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