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Life Is Inspiring

Photograph of St. Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin, Ireland

When you come back home from a pretty epic trip, two things immediately happen.

You have a vacation hangover. It’s hard to get back to work because you’d rather be right back on a flight to where ever you last were. 
You are pretty damn inspired.

That’s exactly where I was when I returned home from my Ireland trip last month.

The trip itself wasn’t all that long – 2 and a half weeks. But…

Wordless Wednesday – Week of April 10th, 2013

“Wordless Wednesdays” visually showcase what has been inspiring us this…

How to tell if your business will benefit from design.

All business owners have at least one thing in common. We’ve all questioned our decisions at one time or another. Will “X” be the best thing for business? Will hiring this person ultimately bring more revenue to the company? Should we really expand into this market?

It’s what we do. We make decisions all day long that effect our companies. Particularly when the economy is not yet back to…

April 2013 Moodboard…and a bonus

Logan Gattis Designs' April 2013 Moodboard

I know, I know. You’re wondering what happened to March’s moodboard. Well wouldn’t you know it, I created it and then plum forgot to send it out. In fairness, I was preparing to head out of the country, training our new creative director, and making sure all our clients were set prior to me leaving. Still that’s no excuse.

So as a bonus to you, I’m including it in this post as well. The words…

February 2013 moodboard

Here’s the February 2013 moodboard. Here’s a minimal explanation as to why these are now being posted!

Words/Phrases that are inspiring me: red, love, hearts. (I know, I know. So cliché) But that’s really what is inspiring me this month. And it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Ok, well maybe a little. The real reason is that I’ve seen some really cool designs lately that are (heavily)…

Is Your Business Hiding In the Shadows?

Groundhog coming out of its burrow

Today is Groundhog Day. (Happy Groundhog Day by the way!)

According to legend, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow, then spring will come early. YAY! If it is sunny causing the groundhog to see its shadow, it will retreat back into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeks. Companies do this every day and don’t need a special holiday commemorating it. T…

January 2013 Moodboard

Moodboard for January 2013

I am absolutely obsessed with moodboards. Seriously, it’s borderline “a problem.”

I use them for client projects. I use them for personal use in various situations. And now I’ve decided to start creating monthly moodboards for you to enjoy.

These monthly moodboards include a couple of words or phrases that I’m personally inspired by for that month. I then collect images I’ve found via…

How your business can deal with the end of the world (later this week).

Mayan Calendar

By now we’ve all heard about the possible impending doomsday scheduled for December 21st, 2012 (Friday).

There are those that think the world will go out in grand apocalyptic style. There are those that think this is Hollywood and Corporate America’s way of cashing in on yet another ridiculous theory. There are those that think this was all one big misunderstanding and the Ancient Mayans…

Happy Birthday Google!

Who doesn’t love birthday cake? Raise your hand. No one? Ok. I’ll continue.

With a doodle containing 14 candles and a chocolate cake on a base decorated with the brand’s colors, the largest and most important internet search engine in the world, Google, celebrates its 14th anniversary today. Happy birthday Google. We love you.

Google’s story started back in the dorms of Stanford…

What do you think of USA Today’s new logo?


USA Today rebranded itself after 30 years of using the same logo. That’s a pretty gutsy move.

In interviews, USA Today’s president and publisher Larry Kramer says the feedback they had received from readers had indicated that the brand was “tired, stale, and hasn’t changed.” So the company set out to give the brand a new look. One that was contemporary and refreshed. They wanted…

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