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“Better Marketing with Alignment, Attraction and Engagement” (INVITATION)

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Business success all boils down to marketing.

Not just any old marketing tactics, of course… I’m talking about the *right* marketing.

In other words, marketing that says the right THINGS to the right PEOPLE in the right WAY.

Now here’s why I’m writing this blog post: If you want to learn to do it right, I’ve got a special treat for you.

See, if anyone knows about how to do marketing, it’s Danny Iny. And if you saw our most recent blog post where he interviewed me about our marketing efforts, then you know that this guy is good! Not only that but as one of our previous clients, I can totally vouch for him.

In less than a year, he grew a no-name blog into the industrial behemoth that is Firepole Marketing, and published *two* best-selling books on blogging, marketing, and engagement.

He’s done guest posting, he’s done collaborative content, he’s done webinars, and a whole lot more… there are one-trick ponies in the marketing world, but he is *not* one of them.

The best part is that he doesn’t just *do* marketing, he TEACHES it, too – better than just about anyone that I know!

The special treat is that Danny is going to be putting on a special live training event for you, and he’s going to do it for FREE.

All you have to do is register, and show up: Thursday, August 30th at 10am Eastern – sharp!

Register now for free by clicking here:


Oh, hey, one quick favor…

Danny wants to make the training as value-packed as it possibly can be, so if you have any specific questions about marketing, online business or anything else, I’d love for you to send them over or leave them in the comments.

Could you do that?


Breathe. Live. Love. Create.
Lindsay Gattis

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