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Behind the scenes of Logan Gattis Designs and what you can learn from our mistakes

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Things have been relatively quiet over here for the last month due to my trip to Ireland and London for the Olympics. To get things started again we’re kicking off with a 30 minute video that will show you what to do and what not to do when it comes to your marketing efforts.

We all struggle with marketing in one way or another. You might find yourself asking, “Am I doing it right?” , “Am I marketing enough?” , “Am I putting my best foot out there?”  If you’ve ever wondered what exactly you should be doing with marketing, this blog post will help. Danny Iny, author of  Engagement from Scratch! and the Naked Marketing Manifesto has interviewed me about where Logan Gattis Designs stands in our marketing efforts. It’s a candid, no holding back, inside account into what we’re doing right, and what we’re doing wrong. Most importantly, Danny then offers applicable tactics that you can immediately incorporate into your own business.

Before watching this video, I encourage you to answer the five questions that Danny writes about in his Naked Marketing Manifesto. These are the exact questions he asked me in this interview and by having your answers in hand while watching this video, you will be able to get an accurate snapshot of where you are in your marketing efforts.

The Five Essential Marketing Questions:

1) Who is your ideal customer?

2) How are you getting your ideal customer’s attention?

3) Does your ideal customer want what you’re offering?

4) What opportunities are you creating for your ideal customer to commit?

5) Do you exceed expectations and then ask for more?


By answering these five questions you will have a pretty good idea of where you stand. Then by listening to Danny’s audit of Logan Gattis Designs, you will be able to apply his suggestions to your business and learn from our mistakes!

What you can learn from our mistakes:

How to get your clients from a low level of commitment to a high level of commitment effectively.

How to escalate the relationship with a client to where it’s a recurring project instead of just a one time deal.

How to position yourself where your customers don’t just view you as helpful but rather as an accessible, integral part of their business.

Feel like you need more insight on marketing and how to make it work for you? Download Danny Iny’s free resource Naked Marketing Manifesto. And of course, if you have any questions for us and how we do things at Logan Gattis Designs, ask away. We’ll be happy to answer!

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Danny Iny

Hey Lindsay, thanks again for doing the audit, and for being such a rockstar student of ours! 🙂

For everyone else, I’ll definitely be hanging around in the comments, so if you have questions, just leave them here and I’ll do my best to answer them. 🙂

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harryfassett —

So Linday’s target market are upscale adventure traveling tree huggers. 🙂 Good video Lindsay! I just went to your site and followed you on twitter, and going to your FB page now.

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    LindsayGattis —

    “Upscale adventure traveling tree huggers.” haha I love it! I’ve never quite described them that way but you’re right, that’s certainly what they seem to be! Thanks for the comment and the follows!

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Jules —

Thank you Lindsay. For sharing your successes and difficulties in effectively marketing your company. It’s helpful to be reminded that no one has all the answers, it’s ok to make mistakes, and there is help and advice available if you ask for it. Great video.

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Les —

Nice video with some helpful pointers, thanks. One thing still puzzles me, however: Why is it suggested that the customer profile is so specific when the methods of finding them and targeting them are relatively generic? If I can put it another way: you use LinkedIn and (if you join it) the Travel Association irrespective of the customer profile – so why profile?


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    LindsayGattis —

    Hi Les, great question.

    The way I’ve always looked at it is the more detailed the customer profile, the more detailed your way of targeting the client can be. For example, LinkedIn itself is quite general yes. But knowing who my client is, I know specifically what groups to join and which posts to respond to within those groups.

    I am a member of the Travel and Tourism Industry group and have been for awhile. However, once I nailed down my customer profile I was able to know that this group was good but wasn’t enough for me. So I am now a member of Adventure Travel Professionals and Adventure Sports Holidays as well. To take it even further, when members in these group post and say they are a “start-up looking for ______”, I know they might not be a good fit for me. On the other hand, if an environmental agency posted something in a more generic travel group stating they were doing an awareness event for conservation while traveling, I would know that’s a good event for me to go to because it’s highly likely my target customer will also be attending. It’s not a hard rule, but the more information you have the more you know the people/events that you should absolutely put all of your energy into establishing a connection with because they will get you the best conversion rate.

    Danny may have a more precise answer for you but that’s how I’ve always seen this working out!

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      Les —

      Thanks, that helps. From what you say, therefore, it seems like the profile helps you mainly to weed out who you don’t want (that is, who is less likely to be a customer) than
      where to find them, Danny indicated as much in the video when he said there probably weren’t any big blogs related to that type of customer,

      Of course, if something obvious pops out of the profile as to where they hand out then go and look for them there, but broadly it seems to help more ‘zero-in’ rather than ‘locate’.

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