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Are you a semi-local business? If so you need to see this…

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Hi Everyone!

If you’re a semi-local business you definitely won’t want to miss this Semi-Local Business Survey. 

First, let’s describe what a semi-local business is. According to Firepole Marketing and Small Business, Big Vision authors Matthew and Adam Toren, a semi-local business has a couple of characteristics separating it from other businesses.

“Semi-local businesses are businesses within the 0-10 employee range, who do some or most of their business locally, but also do some work that is location independent, and are very interested in growing their businesses online.” – Danny Iny and Peter Vogopoulos, Firepole Marketing

In other words, semi-local businesses are businesses just like Logan Gattis Designs. We work with local clients as well as clients all over the world and so our work is definitely location independent.

One thing I noticed when beginning this type of business is that there isn’t a lot of statistics out there on semi-local businesses. Firepole Marketing and the authors of Small Business, Big Vision mean to change that by creating the first-ever survey of businesses who have or are aspiring to become graphically independent. Check out their press release for more information.

Heres where the Semi-Local Business survey comes in. The creators of the survey have this to say about the benefits offered to you:
The survey is an opportunity for growing semi-local business community to understand more about the members and dynamics of the group. Do you ever wonder what industries these businesses are focused around? How they balance the demands of their various business lines? What proportion of their business is local, and what proportion is location independent? How much money they make and whether their employees are mostly local or virtual? This is the type of information we will gather with your help. Answers to these questions will be indispensible in helping all of us better understand who makes up the community.

Want to participate? You should because the more people participating in the survey, the more the results will shed insight on our global corner of the market! If you have a blog that is focused on offline or online marketing, small business management, or anything else that caters to semi-local businesses, get involved!

I am currently working with Danny and Peter at Firepole Marketing on a marketing program and can attest that these guys are fantastic individuals. They are really adept at knowing what information will be useful to small businesses and thats their goal! You will absolutely get valuable information from the results of this survey.

Head over here TODAY and complete this survey. It will only take a few moments of your time.

May the creative force be with you,

Creative Director

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