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At Logan Gattis Designs we are a full service creative agency specializing in global graphics, web design, content marketing, corporate identity and branding. Our diverse team of professionals scattered around the globe ensure your project is infused with the relevant cultural elements. This is important because of the cultural differences that becoming prevalent as we move towards a Global economy.

The majority of our clients are companies that target multiple demographics in both local and foreign markets or companies that are looking to expand into a foreign market for the first time. In both cases, creative agents are assigned to the project that know the language, the general culture, the advertising culture, and the social culture. What makes us unique is the fact that our designers live and work in the particular country that you are targeting so we have access to all current cultural design trends and business environment.

We work closely with each client to determine their business needs and transform your ideas into captivating creations.  We pride ourselves on our time management skills, as we have multinational teams working globally 24/7 it makes rushed deadlines…well, not as rushed.

We take extreme care are in hiring design professionals that are living in and working in their native country so that you always receive the most culturally relevant design and content for your project. We constantly ensure consistently throughout both messaging and design aesthetic. If you are a company that targets multiple markets simultaneously, you will always have at least one designer on your team from each country you are targeting. If you are looking to expand into a foreign market for the first time, we are able to provide valuable information on marketing and design efforts in that country that will end up saving you time and money!

An increasing number of our clients are not targeting foreign markets at all! They are simply looking for a unique way to capture the local market and differentiate themselves from their competitors. In that case, we combine design aesthetics from a select group of countries in order to provide the client with a solution that takes advantage of trends and aesthetics that their market hasn’t seen before. And as usual, there is always at least one designer from the targeted market to ensure relevancy. This is a fantastic way to create a project that makes your competitors say, “I wish I had thought of that!”